Shop Local: Independent bookshops are carrying Choosing Sustainability

I’m excited to announce that a growing number of local bookshops are carrying Choosing Sustainability: Your Guide to the What, Why and How.

Love Your Local

Buying from local bookshops and other independent stores is so important if we want to keep our downtown shopping areas alive and well. Each dollar we spend locally triggers a “local multiplier effect,” a mini stimulus for businesses in the community. Our local purchases keep money circulating throughout the local economy much longer than those made at non-local businesses. In this way, even our smallest purchases can support local jobs, inspire entrepreneurs to take a chance on our communities and increase the local tax revenue available for schools and first responders.

Too many communities have already lost their downtown shopping districts along with any remaining sense of “place.” When we fight this trend by shopping local, we can not only support the local economy but also strengthen our community ties as we buy from shopkeepers we’ve come to know or bump into friends and acquaintances while doing otherwise mundane errands. We can continue enjoying the variety, creativity and originality of independent shopping districts. And we may even reduce our carbon footprint if we leave our cars at home or purchase goods produced locally from locally sourced raw materials (e.g., a hand-knit shawl made from local sheep).

Where to Find Choosing Sustainability

You can ask for Choosing Sustainability at your local bookstore, no matter where  you live. Bookstores can order copies for you from their supplier, Ingram Book Company.

You also may find the book already on a shelf near you. Some of the options local to me are:

  • The Book Garden, 28 Bridge Street, Frenchtown, New Jersey.
  • The Doylestown Bookshop, 16 South Main Street, Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
  • Lahaska Bookshop, 162A Peddler’s Village, Lahaska, Pennsylvania.
  • Farley’s Bookshop, 44 South Main Street, New Hope, Pennsylvania.
  • Angel’s Cards & Gifts, 310 Bridge Street, New Hope, Pennsylvania.

and coming soon….Newtown Bookshop, 2835 South Eagle Road, Newtown, Pennsylvania.

What’s Inside

Choosing Sustainability explores the “three pillars of sustainability,” the environmental, economic and social choices that can work together to help us achieve a greater sustainable impact. The book provides a wide range of ideas to help you make sustainable daily choices about:

  • What and how you eat.
  • Your home life.
  • What and how much you consume.
  • Your mode of transportation.
  • Your work life, recreational time and retirement.
  • Your financial life.

There’s even an epilogue about seeking a greener afterlife.

Choosing Sustainability shines a light on the environmental movement, the local movement and the many grassroots social movements that encourage us to eat organically, consume less, share more, become makers, lighten our ecological footsteps and support stronger, more resilient communities. The book explains the benefits of holistic sustainability and suggests taking an incremental approach to change that fits your values, goals and household budget.

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