Sustainable Resources

Welcome to the Sustainable Choices resource pages. There are opportunities to become more sustainable in nearly every area of life. Some choices may be healthier for us and the planet. Others may help renew our local economy and make it greener, saner and more secure. Still others can reconnect us with our communities and make them more resilient in the face of change. Check out resources under these tabs:

  • The Big Sustainable Picture: Books that explore the idea of — and the ideas behind –sustainability, plus online sources & apps
  • Eating Sustainably: Resources on food topics, including organic, local, slow, vegetarian, vegan, self-reliant and community-focused
  • Sustainable Home: Resources on making every aspect of home life sustainable
  • Consuming & Discarding: Resources on consuming green, local and fair trade, consuming less and reducing trash
  • Sustainable Transportation: Resources on choosing an eco-friendly vehicle, driving more sustainably and opting out of vehicle ownership
  • Sustainable Miscellany: Resources on making sustainable choices about our work lives, recreational activities, retirement, finances…and even burial.