Choosing Sustainability: Your Guide to the What, Why and How

I’m thrilled to announce that Choosing Sustainability: Your Guide to the What, Why and How is now available in paperback at The book also will be on sale soon at many online booksellers and independent bookstores. Stay tuned for updates!

Like, Choosing Sustainability explores the “three pillars of sustainability,” the environmental, economic and social choices that can work in tandem to help us achieve a greater sustainable impact. The book provides a wide range of ideas to help you make sustainable daily choices about:

  • What and how you eat.
  • Your home life.
  • What and how much you consume.
  • Your mode of transportation.
  • Your work life, recreational time and retirement.
  • Your financial life.

There’s even an epilogue about seeking a greener afterlife.

Choosing Sustainability shines a light on the environmental movement, the local movement and the many grassroots social movements that encourage  us to eat organically, consume less, share more, become makers, lighten our ecological footsteps and support stronger, more resilient communities. The book explains the value of holistic sustainability and suggests taking an incremental approach to change that fits each reader’s values, goals and household budget.

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If you’re already engaged in trying to live more sustainably, you know that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Yet even one, small step can lead to many others. The important thing is to start the journey and keep moving forward at the pace that’s right for you.

It is my sincere hope and belief that as more of us commit to sustainable living, we can make a meaningful difference in protecting our health and the planet, encouraging the growth of a greener, saner economy, strengthening our communities … and restoring the long-held American belief that we each have the power (quite a lot of it) to help both ourselves and the world around us.