About the Author

I’ve been writing about sustainability since the 2011 launch of Fresh in the Delaware River Valley, freshrivervalley.com, the predecessor to Sustainable Choices. I recently completed a book on the subject, which I hope will make it easier for nearly anyone to live in a way that’s healthy for them, the planet, their local economy and their community. Stay tuned for the publication date!

I believe that there is power in personal decisions, especially when many of us begin moving in the same general direction. In addition to ongoing research, my writing on sustainability is informed by my own incremental journey toward a holistically sustainable way of life. Like most of us, I still have a long way to go.

So far, I have become an organic gardener, growing vegetables, herbs and fruit in every available nook and cranny of the yard. I reduce the household’s organic waste by composting most of the year (until the ground is frozen solid). I make green cleaning products and seek out other products that are organic, natural, healthy or otherwise sustainable. I make an effort to “love my local” by shopping at independently owned stores, banking local and even investigating opportunities to invest in local companies. I make an effort not to consume too much. That can mean shopping less, but also trying to repair whenever possible, upcycle, reuse and recycle. I purchase green power from a renewable energy company, take steps to be energy and water efficient at home and plan to purchase an EV or hybrid the next time I’m in the market for a car. I’ve explored ways to share, barter and consume collaboratively. And I support my community when possible, through volunteer work and activism.

My other life

A writer by trade, I have owned Bankhouse Communications for more than 20 years, offering marketing communications consulting, copy writing and graphic design services to a wide range of clients. My work has been published in newspapers, magazines and, of course, online. I’ve even won an award or two. I look forward to serving new clients whose business or organization supports some aspect of sustainability.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog and find new, usable information and a bit of inspiration!