We Interrupt This Blog for An Important Message: Go Vote

It’s Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Election Day is finally here. Wherever you live, whatever else is on your calendar today, Fresh urges you to get to the polls and exercise your right to vote. As you know, democracy is only sustainable if we all participate.

Since this is a presidential election, most of us will step into the voting booth with that important office on our minds. But many of us also will have a chance to vote for local or state representatives or ballot initiatives on issues affecting our communities, counties or state.

You’ve already made up your mind on the big question. If you’re still considering other candidates or issues, you may want to evaluate them in terms of how well they support sustainability in the Delaware River Valley. Does a candidate support open space? conservation? strong schools? Does a ballot initiative have implications for the area’s economic growth as well as its environmental well-being? Today’s your day to choose what the future may hold for our area and our country.

Happy Election Day!