Fresh ideas here

Are you seeking ways to make your lifestyle greener? more local? simpler? more community oriented? There are so many “sustainability” trends today, from locavorism to collaborative consumption to “localist” economics to eco-consciousness and the triple bottom line. Yet it can be a real challenge to sift through all the information out there — and find just what you need to live a bit more sustainably here in the Delaware River Valley. That’s where Fresh comes in.

Look to Fresh for reliable ideas — essay-style and informational blog posts — plus Local Resource pages with links to farm fresh food, recycling info, green businesses and much more. Fresh can help you find what you need to make those small, yet meaningful, adjustments that add up to a more sustainable way of life.

Fresh also wants to hear your stories about living more sustainably. To share a tale, contact Fresh at askfresh at comcast dot net.